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Port Angeles, WA 98362

Installation Guide

Bayview Flooring

Please use this installation guide to check if the flooring in your home or business has been installed correctly.


Installed Correctly

  • The carpet will fit tightly against all surrounding walls and carpet edges will be tucked neatly without loose yarns.

  • The carpet will be smooth and stretched in without any wrinkles.

Installed Poorly

  • You may see loose or frayed edges of the carpet where the flooring transitions from carpet To A hard surface.

  • Most carpet jobs require seams (where the installer must join two pieces of carpet togetherUsing a hot iron and specialized seam tape) 

  • If the seams are coming apart or peaking, a professional should be called to come out andAssess the situation and find a solution.


Installed Correctly

  • The butt joints of the boards should fit tightly together without major gaps in the flooring.

  • The hardwood will meet the walls with baseboard trim covering the expansion gap.

Installed Poorly

  • The hardwood will be uneven and show  noticeable humps and low spots due to installing over an imperfect subfloor.

  • There will be gapping between planks due to the use of warped or damaged boards.


Installed Correctly

  • All joints in the laminate flooring will fit tightly and securely with no separation or cracking.

  • The floor will feel solid when walked on without any movement.

Installed Poorly

  • The laminate will show damaged edges.

  • Certain spots will feel “bouncy” due to low spots in the subfloor and improper floor prep.

Luxury Vinyl

Installed Correctly

  • The vinyl floor will be smooth and flat without bumps.

  • The vinyl floor will meet the walls and other solid structures snugly with proper caulking when necessary.

Installed Poorly

  • The vinyl floor will be lifting up around the edges or the seams will be separating.

  • Air bubbles or creases will be visible due to improper floor prep or installation.


Installed Correctly

  • The tiles will be flat, spaced evenly, and secured solidly to the floor.

  • Grout will be even and floor will be level.

Installed Poorly

  • The tile grout lines will be inconsistent and flaking.

  • The tile will have a “hollow” sound when gently tapped with a hard tool.

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